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The Elfin Times is a "sometimes" creation which includes updates on future Elvin the Tiniest Elf projects and creations. "Sometimes" means "not very often."

Joining the list makes you a part of Elvin's 'EFF Club' -- the ''Elf Friendly Folks' Club. That will include your being advised ahead of time regarding new releases in the Elvin the Tiniest Elf Series.

To join the list, just send a blank email to newsletter@ElvinTheTiniestElf.com. This link should type "Newsletter Request" in the subject line of the email, but if it does not do that, please just type "Newsletter" for the subject.

Inspirationally and Elf-ishly yours,
Elvin's Elfin Friendly Crew

Elvin's super busy now, but you can email him at Elvin@ElvinTheTiniestElf.com and he will do his best to reply.

© 2008, Bobby and Connie Prince